For Nortech Elettronica, responsibility, professionalism and honesty are the key to business success. They are indeed the right way to achieve goals and be able to compete in the global market.

Nortech Elettronica

Passion, Innovation and Problem Solving. We don’t just look for solutions. Our goal is to increase efficiency to its maximum, overcoming limits, creating innovation.

Nortech Elettronica is EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services). Through the competence of its collaborators and adequate management, production and quality tools, it manages the construction of the electronic product from the production of the assembled circuits to the industrialization and testing of the finished product. The continuous technological investment and the quality guaranteed by ISO 9001 Certification make Nortech Elettronica the ideal partner for customers who want a turnkey product.

EMS services

In Nortech Elettronica we deal with the creation of electronic products, following all phases of its implementation: design, industrialization, complete components supply, production, testing, and if requested by the customer, also Post Sale management.

Our Approach

Nortech Elettronica aims to provide a highly qualified, efficient and cost-effective service, at the center of which there is always the Customer.
Our approach is oriented towards the strategic resolution of production problems, through the development of specific design strategies to be adopted during all stages of the process. Production and testing optimization means that the result is a quality product obtained through the best possible process and for the lowest cost. This can be achieved thanks to a continuous technological investment, to constant equipment updating and to continuous professional growth of the working staff, in full compliance with all regulations in the field of Safety at Work and Respect for the Environment. Nortech Elettronica is an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) firm, and represents the ideal partner for customers in need of a fully-ready product.