PCB Design


The Service offered by Nortech Elettronica includes all the support for the PCB Design within a context of production experience, strong point for the manufacturing of electronic boards.

For Nortech Elettronica, designing PCBs means not only complying with the electrical characteristics required by the project but also introducing DFM, DFA and DFT analysis. All this, combined with the production of prototypes, enables to get immediately the best execution product efficiency.



Nortech Elettronica has one of the most widely distributed CAD platforms on an international scale in the sector of PCB project. PADS and Expedition Enterprise by Mentor Graphics, thanks to the wide range of solutions available, is able to satisfy all the PCB Design and Schematic layout requirements.

For PCB, the front-end is managed through a series of dedicated schemes or by a unique development environment (DxDesigner), with complete integration between the two environments which guarantees forward and back accurate annotation, as well as complete cross-probing functionalities.

For management of the scheme, our formulation is immediately 360° integrated, with real-time visualisation of the material coding, stock availability and related standard costs. As such, a considerable reduction in the Time to Market is obtained, from the electrical wiring diagram to construction of the prototypes, in a unique environment.



The platform has been immediately fitted with LP Wizard which is a tool for the construction of library components for PCB approved by IPC which enables the rapid and exact construction of symbols that fully comply with the IPC-7351 standard.

Pcb Layout:

  • Translator
  • Schematic Editing
  • Pcb Layout
  • Unlimited Database & Layers
  • Interactive Push & Shove
  • Autorouting
  • RF Design Tools
  • 3D PCB Viewer
  • Fabrication Outputs
  • MCAD Outputs (IDF & DXF)
  • Physical Design Reuse
  • High-Speed Interactive Routing
  • High-Speed Automatic Routing
  • FPGA-to-Board Optimization
  • Power Integrity Analysis

Schematic Entry:

  • Hierarchical Design
  • Forward e Back-annotation
  • Design Reuse
  • RF Design
  • DX Data Book
  • Constrains Editor System
  • Export DxPDF
  • Variant Manager
  • Simulator Analog/SI/PI/Thermal
  • I/O Designer for FPGA
  • Concurrent Design

Schemes originated by other CAD platforms can be imported through the Schematic Entry.

For management of the schemes, it is possible to obtain a BOM that has already been codified and optimised, ready for the supply of materials, thereby saving time/errors with a consequent reduction in costs.

The ODD++/IPC-D-356 exit files are compatible with all the production and testing machinery used at the EMS factories while the “DxDesigner” scheme created in the PADS environment is compatible with all the platforms used by the ODM factories and IPC normalised.