ICT & Fly probe tests

The Service offered by Nortech Elettronica includes all the support for high performing techniques on the ICT testing of your Boards and for the Development of Test Programs or the necessary Tools. Our entire experience focuses on the definition of DFT. Together with its customers, Nortech Elettronica develops the best Testing strategy which considers the costs/benefits relationship of the operation, thus applying the most suitable ICT testing techniques.

ICT In-circuit Test

In-circuit is a Test technique that can considerably reduce the cost of a phase, that one of testing, that offers no additional value to the product. Usually, even more so when a company is not equipped with the necessary machines, particular manual tests are employed to identify process faults through performance tests of the product. In fact, certain process faults are only detectable with product type testing, similar to the testing for car hand brakes where testing is only carried out when parked facing downhill and when not in gear.
Testing using this technique takes instead greater accuracy results in verifying the assembly of all the parts included on the Board, considering them a sum of parts whose electric characteristics are thus checked.
Introducing this phase into the production process leads to a considerable reduction in performance testing, offering the option, in those cases where fault rates are obtained that are lower than 1 in a 1000, of executing only the Assembly test.
These are the main detectable faults:

  • Short
  • Open
  • Missing components
  • Faulty components
  • Non working components
  • Static parameters incorrect
  • Defects structurally pcb

Intercepting and diagnosing these faults using the ICT technique means considerably reducing the repair times as the subsequent analyses focus on and are limited to the problem.

CAPABILITY ICT Nortech Elettronica

After choosing and establishing the Test Strategy, our technicians are able to support you during the entire development of the ICT Test programs thanks to their Hardware and Software experience. Preparation of the possible test fixture will be determined and followed during all the phases of realisation including consultation with partners in the sector that operate with highly qualified production systems. Nortech Elettronica has concluded a number of agreements with the production companies of the sector to reduce the times and costs of manufacture of the Tools necessary for your project.
The Service offered by Nortech Elettronica includes only testing of the Boards if you already have the Software and Hardware Tools; their Testing systems will be completely at your disposal to test and verify your productions. You can also take advantage of certified repair techniques that are standardised according to the IPC-7711 and IPC-7721 rules.
These are the supported ICT test techniques:

  • ICT Flying Probe “SPEA 4040 TOP-line”
  • ICT Bed of Nails “SPEA 100A”

If you do not possess production lines or where these are currently full, do not however miss out the opportunity to use the Test Technique service that will enhance the performance of your productions. The Spea 4040 Test system can also test non industrialised boards for this technique. Its probes are able to come into contact with the welding spaces without damaging them.
Before taking any decision on the exclusion of this performing Test Technique, give us a call. Our Technicians will certainly be able to find a solution to your problems. While testing doesn’t offer additional value to the product, it is also true that a product that doesn’t work is worthless.