Nortech Elettronica offers a Prototyping service which entails the rapid execution of small batches of electronic boards.

In order to achieve this, Nortech Elettronica has a qualified team involved in the prototyping lines that interfaces vertically with the customer with the aim of making information management faster and more fluent.

Management of the product and process documents is defined in an essential and streamlined manner in order to reduce realisation times and also to hold down non-recurrent start-up costs.

For realisation of the samples, Nortech Elettronica is able to manage the material that is completely supplied by the customer or alternatively is able to supply it partially or completely, including the PCB. To obtain this purpose, we use qualified suppliers that will be also able in the future to realise series production.

The production technologies used and the qualitative standards applied are the same used in the construction of well-established products. In this way not only can the board be used for its project verification but it can also be employed to verify its future production capacity in series batches. Each sample has a module that summarises the problems identified during production and contains possible remarks to be used for eventual and following solutions.

All the documents are filed in order to make the preparation of a new sample quicker or for its possible encoding in series production.