Functional test

The Service offered by Nortech Elettronica includes the entire support for the Definition and Development of the Tools for Testing, with its assistance from the initial phases of the project. Our experience focuses on the definition of the DFT together with its customers, in order to implement a correct Test strategy that considers the costs and the benefits of the operation.
Considering testing before creating a product can lead to high quality with consistent investment and low costs of production, a necessary choice for all types of market.

DFT – Design For Testability
Our Technicians are able to assist you with controls or the achievement of a good rating by fitting your product with a “Design For Testability” able to comply with the Test strategy that has been chosen. All the documents are created with reference to IPC-D-279 relating to controls, while for the industrialised parts we use Cad platforms with libraries referring to IPC-2221.
Here are the main variables that are controlled:

  • Card size
  • Height of components
  • Transport Card
  • Fiducial and reference holes
  • Type of contact points
  • Rules for electrical project
  • Accessibility and geometry placement

After choosing and setting the Test Strategy, our technicians are available to assist you during the entire development process of the project with both the Hardware and Software experiences. Preparation of the testing fixture will be set and followed during the entire realisation phases making use of partners in the field that operate with highly qualified production systems. Nortech Elettronica has concluded a number of agreements with companies of the sector to reduce times and costs for the production of the Tools necessary for your project. Here is a list of the test techniques supported by Nortech Elettronica:

  • ICT Flying Probe
  • ICT Bed of Nails
  • On Board Programming
  • Boundary Scan
  • Thermography Tests
  • ATE
  • Functional Tests
  • Type Tests

DEVELOPMENT Time-to-market
Having a unique partner that can assist you from definition of the project to its final production can considerably reduce times and costs. All the documents will be prepared and normalised on your specification, providing it with an architecture of the information that will enable its reproduction in a short space of time and ensuring its suitability for worldwide use. We list below the phases that you will find synergistically implemented in a single structure necessary to reach the aim:

  • DFT e DFM
  • Design System
  • Schematic Entry
  • Software development
  • Acquisition of components
  • Fast Production
  • Test Parts
  • Assembly Equipments
  • Release Documents

Having just the one entity manage the activities necessary for the development of testing Tool allows the overlapping of different activities, therefore contributing to a reduction in times; furthermore singular control of the activities leads to a reduction of costs and an increase in product quality obtained.